We make admission easy

1. Is My Loved One Ready for Adult Day Care?

The first step in the admission process is identifying that your loved one is ready! If you aren’t sure, complete the online assessment and review our information packet which provides more in-depth details about the program that Joe’s Club offers. Once completed, you can either bring it in to your closest center or send completed forms to us by: Email: Cherylann Cronin, ccronin@brevardalz.org; Fax: 321-253-1993; or Mail: 4676 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32935.

Info Packet

2. Trial Day

Every prospective member of Joe’s Club is required to complete a trial day. This allows your loved one to experience the program before committing to admission. During the trial day, your loved one will attend our programming with staff supervision to help determine their appropriate level of care. An admission packet will be given to family at the conclusion of trial day at the discretion of clinical staff.

3. Doctor’s Orders

Prior to your loved ones admission to the program, there is a form that must be completed by a licensed Florida physician. Per our licensing requirements, this form must be signed and dated within 45 days of your loved one’s start date at the center. Don’t worry, we do all the work. Our staff will contact the doctor and get the necessary information. Please note that some physicians will require your loved one to be seen before completing the form.

4. Admission

Once we have received the completed forms from your physician, we will call in order to schedule admission. You and your family will with meet with our nurse to complete the enrollment paperwork and help us get to know your loved one better. Please bring: the completed medical paperwork, the lifestyle biography, copies of the participant’s insurance cards, power(s) of attorney, and any advanced medical directives, and the names/addresses/phone numbers of two additional local emergency contacts. A typical admission will take about an hour to an hour and a half. At this time, you can also work with our Program Director to schedule transportation, if needed, and/or meet with our nurse to discuss any medication or dietary issues that need to be addressed.

5. Pick a Start Date!

With all the paperwork complete, it’s time to join us! Your loved one is now ready to have fun with us at the day center!

First Two Weeks

During the first two weeks of attendance, the Joe’s Club staff observes and records the participant’s adjustment to adult day care services. The Plan of Care is developed using these records, the Physician Referral form and the participant’s demonstrated or stated preferences.

Throughout the admissions process we do everything possible to minimize the burden of procedures for the participant, while collecting information and referrals from appropriate sources.

Participants are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis and without any discrimination based upon personal, cultural or ethnic preference, disabilities or whether or not a participant has formulated an advance directive.